Peter Hall's 1974 260Z

Previously owned by Peter Harold who bought it from the Eastern States and shipped it over to WA. Peter Harrold's account of the car follows.

When I purchased this car from Victoria, it was fitted with an L28 injected motor, a sad gearbox and rust in the usual spots. Nearly every suspension bush was passed it's used by date, so heaps of work was ahead of me.

The good things about the Z were that it had 8 inch Simmons wheels and very well done flares. It was also the light 240Z body. Three years down the restoration track it is almost at a stage where I am running out of things to do on it.

Work carried out so far

Compete rust removal and paint (1983 Nissan gold)

Engine rebuilt with minor head work (P90).

Better cam and triple webers (40s) fitted.

3" exhaust fitted and the extractors ceramic coated.

MSD ignition system installed to keep it ticking over.

The gearbox overhauled and a complete suspension rebuild.

Commodore vented discs and calipers replaced the original front brakes and Mitsubishi discs to the rear with Commodore calipers.

The dash was refurbished, competition seats and harness installed.

For track work I have 8" super lites with Toyo Proxes RA1's and for the road I use the Simmons fitted with Toyo Proxes 4's.

This now great car is used in all the VSCC regularity events at Barbagallo and the Collie Motorplex also Albany and Northam historic street circuits. I also join in with the TSOA WA for their Motorkanas and track days.

The reply to an email that I sent off to the almost original owner gave me a pretty comprehensive history on this Z that was known by most in Victoria as the "Gold Z".

I quote from his email. Hopefully he won't mind.

"This car was one of the first sold in Australia and has a 240Z body, not the same as later 260's. It came standard with an R200 differential later changed to R180.This was to allow homologation of this type of diff. and Australia was chosen as the market for the 100 or so required to be sold to satisfy the requirements. They were then offered as a competition option in the USA and other places were they had a market. That particular R200 diff was transferred to my racecar 10 years later and is still competing.'' ''For several years I used the 260 as my daily transport as well as club sprints, hillclimb and motorkana's. It was modified slightly over time. Firstly an LSD was fitted (this finished up in the racecar too). Recaro seats, triple Hitachi carbies cam, and extractors with large exhaust followed. The car was successful in club (Australian 240Z Club, DSOC and later NDSOC) club championships and at least 3 MSCA championships.'' ''The 280Z injection was fitted when the 280Z model hit the market. Howard Marsden was head of Nissan Motors at the time and he played a part in "obtaining" some hard to find parts and he followed its progress with interest!'' ''The car had become quite quick at this point and dominated the club level competition. It was at that time that Marque Sports Racing was formed and I moved on to race a 240Z. The 260 was then fitted with air-conditioning, electric windows, 4 speaker sound system with amp, big in those days but nothing compared to today's systems. At some point in time 3 piece Simmons wheels were also fitted. The car was never involved in any accidents except a small dent in the left rear quarter and this was bare metal repaired with no body filler. I used the car as daily transport until the mid 80's when the arrival of children forced a larger car upon us."