Vintage Stampede 2015

What a great turn out we had for the Vintage Stampede. Eight Members competed and all finished the day. Five Members were driving Zeds with David Moir in his new 944 Porsche, Robin Falconer in his Datsun 200B Coupe and Mike Rowe in his also new and very fabulous Formula Junior Koala. There were three members spectators that I saw so thanks to Colin Schipp, Barry Punter and Howard Trevenen for coming along and supporting the team. Under the rules of our drivers competition it doesn't matter what type of vehicle you are driving you get points when entered into one of our events.

So the winners are:

1st Nathan Hadlow
=2nd David Moir
=2nd Peter Hall
3rd Robin Falconer
=4th Chris Bothams
=4th Peter Pelham
5th Peter Harrold
6th Mike Rowe

But wait there's more! If three or more members enter the TSOA night sprint at the RAC track 12th of December then that will be included into our drivers comp and be the last event for the year. So it's your last chance to get some points on the board!