Kent Bush's 1974 260Z 2+2

The first owner had this car for 2 years and the next owner for 20 years. The service book shows regular service's up until 9-1995 at 99,950km.

I am the 4th owner and the restorer, I purchased the Z off the 3rd owners who were going to restore the car but circumstances changed. The restoration was carried out over 2 years and included some metal patches on both sills and RH rear quarter panel, the windscreen grill and the lower passenger door also needed some welding. The car then had a bare metal respray at a panel shop.

The Z was then returned to my garage and stripped, all fittings, linkages, pipes, brake parts, hatch door, bonnet catches, trans sump, splash tray, starter cap, pullies, regulator cover, trouble light, head light assemblies, nuts, bolts, washer and water pipes were all zinc plated back to original gold or silver. The rear brake drums were also bead blasted and clear lacquered.

All suspension and engine components were stripped, cleaned and painted back to the original colours, including the air cleaner and engine bay. Under the body was re-proof coated. The undersides of the guards were painted as per original and the grill was stripped and painted. The tail light surrounds and fuel tank were also painted and the bumper and overriders were re-chromed, Etch primed and painted metallic silver behind.

Most rubber parts were replaced including: door and hatch seals, all small bump stops, bonnet seals & stops, radiator, heater and by pass hoses, tail light seals, inner door handle and fuel filler lid bump stops, T bar handle and strut tower caps. A lot of these were Nissan parts.

At this point, one would think that there isn't much left to do, But wait, there's more...! Drive shaft universals and front wheel bearings were dismantled cleaned and repacked with grease, Rear wheel bearings replaced as required.

ALL engine, transmission and wheel bearing seals replaced with new Nissan parts.

Cylinder head was serviced, Camshaft and rockers machined to STD, (Camshaft damaged due to faulty oil feed pipe).

2 new SU HIF6 13/4 carby's have been fitted, with home made spacers to fit Z air cleaner.

Some under bonnet decals have been reproduced.

Soft feel steering wheel (which had gone limp) was cut open and filled with Polyurethane and taped up and reshaped till hard, then covered.

Seats and carpets were repaired as required; Tie down buckles zinc plated and straps dyed black.

New brake master cylinder, Calliper pistons and all brakes seal replaced, System is filled with silicon brake fluid. The Datsun was assembled with 4 new shock absorbers and all bolts were tensioned as per Nissan workshop manual.