Mike & Valerie Rowe's 1976 260Z

1976 260Z "Fairlady Z 422T"

Bought as a 1976 Datsun 260Z with an unoriginal 2.8l motor, the car was purchased as a project mule for an RB26 hybrid build. The RB26 is the much more modern Nissan 2.6 litre straight six cylinder engine out of the Nissan Skyline GTR from 1989-2002. This engine in standard form comes in a twin overhead cam, 4 valves per cylinder, twin turbo configuration.

Back in 1969 Nissan Japan developed a race Fairlady Z utilizing the Skyline S20 GTR motor of that era, which was a 2 litre, twin overhead cam, 4 valves per cylinder and triple Mikuni carbureted engine. This model was named the Fairlady Z 432 due to the engine configuration of 4 valves/cylinder, 3 carbies & 2 overhead cams. A light weight version was additionally badged the Fairlady Z 432R.

Hopefully the reader can now understand the background to our project 260Z. To build a modern equivalent of the 432, but in this case a Fairlady Z 422T, 4 valves/cylinder, 2 camshafts and 2 turbos (instead of 3 carbies).

Consequently a 1989 Nissan Skyline GTR half cut was purchased in order to obtain the GTR motor, accessories, computer and wiring. As the GTR is 4wd, a 5 speed gearbox from the turbo 2wd RB25 Skyline GTS was also purchased, to drive the rear wheel drive Z. Larger 16 inch x 8 inch wide mags and race tyres were fitted, as were GTR front brakes, upgraded CV joints and a Quaiffe LSD.

After the GTR motor was fitted the Datsun was then rebadged as a Nissan Fairlady Z, including the additional model classification of Z422T.

Obviously there has been significant re-engineering of the Z to accept the new motor, and full details can be seen on our website www.bluevista.net.au

At the time of writing, the car has yet to undergo its Engineering check and receive sign off from the Licencing Authorities, however it feels like it will be a very lively competitor. No doubt there will be many years of testing and changes to get it handling, braking and behaving itself efficiently, however it will always be an interesting car to own I am sure.